Mission & Goals

We, the community of St. Catherine, are called to follow Jesus and imitate his way of life.  Our mission is to continue the work of Jesus Christ in the following ways:

To respond with gratitude and generosity for all the gifts God has given us. (stewardship)
To proclaim joyfully the good news of God’s saving love for all people (word)
To nurture and grow a community of believers through prayer and fellowship (community)
To give witness to our faith by serving the needs of others (service)

Goal #1:  Stewardship- Living as Christ’s disciples, St. Catherine Parish cares for the gifts God has given us.


Provide opportunities for discernment and recognition of one’s spiritual gifts and stewardship.
Continue to educate about stewardship.
Increase and strengthen efforts to be good stewards of our environment, i.e. recycling, conscientious consumerism.
Coordinate a “Facilities Use” policy for the new parish hall.
Consider responsible maintenance of the parish hall debt
Develop a transition plan for eventual change in leadership.

Goal #2:  Prayer and Faith Formation- We give thanks through prayer and spirituality. We support lifelong and parish-wide faith formation.


Provide support for volunteers serving in various parish/school ministries .
Invite and support new parish ministries.
Continue to develop Whole Community Gatherings.
Assess needs and develop new programs for children, youth and young adult for faith formation.
Promote church attendance for the whole family and provide other opportunities for prayer.

Goal #3:  Hospitality- St. Catherine Parish seeks to nurture a community that prays and plays together.  We wish to foster social interaction and growth.


Develop and implement a comprehensive plan for inviting and welcoming new parishioners and school families.
Periodically and through various means, assess and respond to changing parish and school needs.
Enhance community building through recreational, social and spiritual interactions.
Strengthen the bond between the school and the parish.

Goal #4:  Service and Social Justice- St. Catherine Parish seeks to collaborate in ministering to those in need and in working for social justice.


Identify, promote, and evaluate current social action ministries (St. Vincent de Paul, Baby Corner, Sparrow Club and other ministries).
Form a Social Justice Committee to promote social justice locally and/or globally.
Explore an international learning experience and the formation of a sister parish relationship.
Evaluate local community and family needs, support community outreach, and offer opportunities to serve for families and parishioners.
Consider options for feeding the hungry through direct parish involvement.

Goal #5: Promote and nurture an abuse-free environment through open communications and respect for personal privacy, support for appropriate conduct, and a focus on healing.


Continue to circulate information about current abuse prevention policies and encourage full participation in the ongoing training and education provided through the archdiocesan Safe Environment Program .
Work with the Archdiocese and appropriate authorities to ensure prevention of abuse, compliance with all necessary reporting requirements, and timely and just action.
Work with St Catherine School to review and provide education about anti-bullying and Internet use policies with a focus on uniquely harmful impacts of cyber-bullying and potential hazards of web-based and electronic communication.
Provide for and educate about a safe and confidential environment for all parishioners and students to report concerns over abuse, bullying, inappropriate actions or communications, Internet pornography or any abuse adversely impacting their lives and relationships.


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