Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical Ministries

St. Catherine Adult Choir

Mark Adrian (206) 524-8800 ext. 104
The St. Catherine adult choir inspires and uplifts us as we worship together at the 10:30 am Sunday Mass. The choir sings a variety of traditional and contemporary music, and is open to singers of all skill levels high school age and older. There is no audition. Vast musical experience is not required, just a generous heart and the ability to carry a tune. Rehearsals are held weekly on Thursdays from 7:00 – 8:40 pm in the church.

Saturday Vigil Ensemble 5pm

Mark Adrian (206) 524-8800 ext. 104
Singers and instrumentalists of all ages are invited to help lead this evening liturgy in song. Those with any level of musical ability and interest are encouraged to consider this ministry. Rehearsals are held every Saturday from 4 – 5 pm, with Mass immediately following.


Mark Adrian (206) 524-8800 ext. 104
Individuals who are proficient at an instrument are encouraged to meet with the Pastoral Assistant for Music to determine the best fit for your talent. Percussion, flute, trumpet, clarinet, strings – all are encouraged to participate in this music ministry to inspire, lead and support the singing during liturgical services.


Mark Adrian (206) 524-8800 ext. 104
Cantors serve in the dual roles of song-leader and psalmist for liturgical celebrations. The cantor is a skilled vocal musician as well as a “minister of the Word” when proclaiming the responsorial Psalm. Those interested in this unique ministry are encouraged to meet with the Pastoral Assistant for Music.

Altar Servers

Tera Figueroa
Altar servers serve an important function in our Sunday and weekday masses. They assist the priest and the assembly by leading the procession, holding the book, preparing the table, being attentive and participating actively, and helping as needed.

Eucharistic Ministers

Brian Solack (425) 357-6508
Eucharist Ministers are those parishioners who assist the priest in the distribution of  communion. They have special reverence for the presence of Christ in the Eucharist and in the community. They reverence each person as a member of the Body of Christ as they offer them the Body of Christ or the Blood of Christ. They also assist in the set up for mass and the cleansing of the cups and bowls after mass.


Joe Bringman (206) 359-8501
The parish lectors proclaim the Word of God as transmitted through the Old Testament Scriptures and the non-Gospel portions of the New Testament (i.e., the epistles, the Acts of the Apostles and the Book of Revelation) and lead the assembly in the Prayers of the Faithful. During Holy Week, the lectors also assist in the reading of the Passion. Different groups of parishioners serve as lectors for weekend Masses and for weekday Masses. The weekend lectors also are responsible for the readings at the evening Mass on Holy Days of Obligation. In addition, some of the parish youth are invited to serve as lectors approximately once each month during the school year at the Saturday evening Mass and at the Easter Vigil service.


Ushers are responsible for taking up the collection at mass, finding people to bring up the gifts and distributing the bulletins after mass. They also assist in welcoming people to mass. They help people find a seat and guide the communion procession when needed.


Loida Olivas Greeters set the tone for the liturgy by welcoming people to our celebrations. Consider serving as a greeter once a month. This is a good ministry for families as well as adults.

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