The AGAPE Service Trip
Grades 6-8


The Newman Catholic Campus Ministry at Western Washington University coordinates this service-learning trip, where students work side-by-side families in a migant farm community in Whatcom County. 


  • To foster understanding of Christ’s presence in and through serving in Whatcom County, as well as the reason Catholic Christians are called to serve.  “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers so you do unto me.” Mt. 25:40
  • To help participants recognize the Catholic churches rich tradition of generosity, service and compassion.
  • To understand what “social justice” is from a Catholic Christian standpoint.
  • To expand participant’s worldview through service experiences.
  • To help participants realize how they can impact their local community and the world through serving others, and having a mission and understanding of service.
  • To inspire participants to continue answering their “call to service” throughout their lives.
  • To address the needs of the Migrant community by providing food and clothing.

Your group will have the opportunity to do various service projects through experiential learning. Everything that we do has a purpose at Agape from the food we eat to the service to the learning activities. 

Here are some projects groups will be involved in:
-Food tables at grocery stores in Whatcom County
-Agape Food Bank

Teams will set up & run a food bank for Migrant workers.
-Migrant Immersion Day
-Service at local Migrant Camp
-Donations from St. Catherine will be collected and brought to the food bank.




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July 25 to July 27, 2018

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